Qi Gong


What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong means ‘Qi Work’.  Qi means “Vital Energy” or the energy necessary for life and health.  However not just human health.  Qi exists in everything in the universe.  Because this, Qi is available to all. All one has to do is learn how to access it.  For many centuries in China educated people have studied this extensively and developed many practices which are focused on building Qi in the body, refining Qi and sending Qi to others for health reasons.

There are three main Qi Gong practices;

  •  Martial Arts Qi Gong which is focused mainly on strengthening the body to withstand heavy blows and also to be able to deliver heavy blows as well as improve techniques such that the practitioner themselves can seem to have tremendous power. (Alan has spent 35 years studying and practising Gong Fu and Martial Arts Qi Gong)
  • Spiritual Qi Gong.  Which as the name suggests is focused on refining the spirit through refining the Qi of the body.

Medical Qi Gong.

This is the main focus of any practitioner of TCM doing Qi Gong. Medical Qi Gong is Qi Work focused on improving the health of the individual and all of the internal organs through various and diverse practices.

Medical Qi Gong is aimed at the following:

  • Improving the over all Qi of the person
  • Ridding the illness
  • Strengthening the organs
  • Promoting freedom of movement

As well as the above, a qualified practitioner of Medical Qi Gong trained to a high level can send out his own Qi to the person to affect their Qi and help rid the illness. This is high level practice and one that can only be learned from a Master.  In Alan’s case he went to China to study Medical Qi Gong at the Guangzhou University of TCM under the guidance of Professor Xia and Professor Song both recognised Master’s. “I was astonished as to the power that was generated by our teachers.   I was equally astonished to find that I as a Western person with the guidance of my teachers was also able to perform these feats.”

Health promoting Qi Gong courses

Alan in his efforts to educate the public abut the efficacy of Qi Gong and open peoples minds to a completely different world has conducted Qi Gong for health courses.

These courses are run under the auspices of the Southern Kingdom college of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Oriental Arts and consists of courses for lay people to improve their health and courses for already qualified practitioners of TCM.

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