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womens-healthTraditional Chinese Medicine view the presenting person holistically and not just as a person bringing an ailment.  This is never more so true than in relation to women’s health.  It is unfortunate that Western medicine in it’s reductionist methodology has often lost sight of the whole person in it’s effort to treat various gynaecological and fertility issues.

List of Common Female Ailments
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Menstrual Problems

From a TCM point of view menstruation  or Heavenly Water, can give a very detailed overview as to the state of health of the woman.  It is often the case that a woman can be asked detailed questions concerning menstruation even though at the initial outset there may seem to be no relevance to the original complaint.  All other physical, mental and emotional states are taken into account.  For many women over use of the contraceptive pill be it prescribed for menstrual regulation or otherwise has caused more problems down the line.  Particularly in relation to fertility.  I have seen many women who now find themselves unable to conceive seemingly because of long term use of the contraceptive pill.

There can be an alternative to using “the Pill” for cycle regulation.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has been seen to be able to regulate menstruation effectively, in terms of pain, tiredness, cramps, blood flow, emotional disturbance and other ailments such as endometriosis and fibroids.  By regulating the Qi of the person not only can the original problem be regulated but the whole person can become more healthy, emotionally and physically.


The ability to reproduce, I.e. to conceive and bring a baby to full term and deliver it safely into the world is so common place that the beauty and miraculous nature of it is lost by and large except to those who are going through it and more especially those who are finding it difficult.  The whole potential loss, as in the fear that one may never become pregnant, or indeed is suffering after a miscarriage brings it’s own problems that need to be addressed.

TCM can help with fertility and has been shown time and time again to provide a solution to many problems that would otherwise involve invasive procedures. The very fact that someone is getting healthier also means that they are becoming more fertile.  However, conceiving a baby requires a whole number of converging aspects from a TCM point of view.  Treatment may include, acupuncture, herbal medicine and Qi Gong. The client may be taught some specialised exercises specific to their needs.

Habitual Miss-Carriage

For women who suffer from habitual miss-carriage there is also hope.  Every condition must be looked at properly and individually according to TCM terms


Acupuncture is well known as an aid in the delivery room.  It can also be used to induce childbirth gently when necessary and also pre delivery treatment aids in preparation through strengthening the Qi of the woman and softening the cervix at the right time. Medical Qi Gong can also play an important role here. As a matter of course I teach our expectant mothers a Qi Gong exercise that is used to deeply relax them prior to delivery and is very powerful during the labour and delivery.

Breech Presentation

Acupuncture and  moxabustion have been used successfully in cases of breech presentation.  It requires no manipulation of the uterus or infant but the simple use of moxa on a special point on the foot.

Post-partum treatment

TCM is excellent in helping the new mother recover quickly.  Also for breast feeding mothers TCM can help where there are breast and lactation problems.

Second Spring/Menopause

In China this time of a woman’s life is known as Second Spring.  It is a time where the woman can experience a new found freedom.  According to the Nei Jing (the Yellow Emperors Internal Classic), Second Spring is the third important phase of a woman’s life following Heavenly Water and Childbirth.  It is often at this time that a woman can develop an independent sense of self.  However for many women this transition into this phase of life is anything but smooth.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has a unique view of this phase of a woman’s development and has identified many of the factors causing such problems as hot flushes, night sweats, and many of the other problems that can arise at the time of moving into Second Spring taking away the sense of enjoyment and freedom that should be available to all.

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